#2…So Far So Good…June 2007

My first Weight Watchers meeting was much less dramatic than I imagined. We were not all standing in a circle crying over why we are fat or making excuses like our mothers didn’t love us enough. Nor did I get to announce my name and have the whole group greet me simultaneously. First, we each privately weigh in. Being a stickler for accuracy, I remove any extremely heavy objects before stepping on the scale. I remove my rings, my sunglasses, my shoes, my earrings and last, but not least, my smile and my dignity. 197 pounds-hearing it out loud makes me woozy. The thin lady behind the counter doesn’t flinch. She is kind and encouraging. She points me in the direction of the meeting. A flash of a Mexican Pizza pops into my head, and I debate running for the door. “Focus, focus. Today I will change my life. Repeat. Today, I will change my life. Repeat.” The meeting is simple enough. Eat healthy. Eat less. I was hoping they rented out security guards that could taser me every time I was about to stuff my face with junk. But no…it is all up to me…damn it. The first week passes quickly and uneventfully. Sticking to my eating plan wasn’t so bad. However, I feel my life is dull without my Marlboro Lights. I wonder if they miss me as I miss them. Feeling just as fat as usual at my next “weigh in,” I quickly begin spewing excuses for why I haven’t lost weight. The thin lady smiles and informs me that I’ve lost 7 pounds. My attitude changes. There is more pep in my step. I am one bad mutha. The second week, I lose 3.2 pounds. The third and fourth weeks, I lose a combined total of 2.5 pounds. I stand up straight and take a deep breath. The first month is over. So far so good…


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