#8…When Time Flies…Eat Ice Cream…December 2007

I’ve decided that Father Time has evolved from an old crippled man into a young Olympic sprinter.  And as he hoists the year upon his back and passes me by he smiles slyly as he notices the frantic look upon my face as I scurry to keep up.  I have become one of those people that makes cliche one liners like, “Where does the time go?” and “Time flies when you are having fun.” I am one isle away from Depends and Preparation H.  And this year has gone by so quickly.  I have taken a mini vacation from weighing myself for the holidays.  Last time I weighed myself I was at 164 pounds.  I wish I could take a break from my ever racing mind though. Since I haven’t been weighing myself my mind is up to its old tricks again.  My mind, either works with me, or like a bitchy menopausal in-law, works hard to piss on my parade.  Then the mind calls in the fear.  The fear is the clean up guy in the mob…works swiftly and accurately and uses sneaky techniques. I seldom have defeated the fear. So this time I came up with a new plan of attack to defend myself against…well, my…self. I am taking an inventory of every goal I made in January of last year and have actually accomplished and keeping it as ammunition. Move out of parents house…check. Cute reasonably priced rent house near Ocean Drive…check. Quit smoking…check. 4.0 GPA, start writing again, join Weight Watchers…check, check, check. And furthermore, I do have much to be thankful for. So what if I don’t have a play list or an I-Phone? I have a great pair of boots and a powerful red lipstick. And this January I am going to make a vow to love myself all over again. I am going to send out a new to-do list to the universe and God. I am going to continue toward my Weight Watcher goal. I am going to get an expensive haircut. I am going to call my close friends instead of texting. And right now I am going for a hot fudge sundae…because it ain’t January yet…


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