What’s the Deal…Vern?

One day I was walking downtown along the bay admiring both the vast ocean to my right and the beautiful row of houses to my left. When, suddenly and without warning I was stopped dead in my tracks. Well, maybe not quite so dramatically, but I was perplexed to say the least. In front of one of the beautiful homes was a giant RV completely painted into a Dairy Queen ad. I had seen this RV parked here before. Were these the owners of the famed burger haunt? Could this be the headquarters of the blizzard inventors? Was this the home of the mayors of DQ country? What’s the Deal? So I crossed the street and rang the doorbell to find out. No one answered the door. I drove to school and pitched my first column idea. I went back to the DQ house days later but the RV was gone and again no one answered the door. I never did find out what the ad or the RV is all about.  I did however get to write my first college newspaper column, “What’s the Deal?”  My column was a success with a huge fan base consisting of myself and my friends that I forced to read it…and now, you…thank you and enjoy.


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