Early this morning  I sat in the library trying my best to read. Despite my best efforts to work, I found my self sitting there in a sleepy trance. My mind began to wander and soon I was thinking of the game of Trivial Pursuit  I had played and lost a few days earlier with some friends. I stared at the books and at the computers in the library. There were files upon files of information, librarians to ask for help, and even the news playing on several television sets around me. Information is at our fingertips. Soon, I was falling down a rabbit hole, passing some of the world’s most important questions. Questions like; “Who was Jenny and was 8-6-7-5-3-0-niii-i-ine really her number? “Who was Jose Cuervo?” “What doe the ‘Q’ in Q-Tip stand for?” and “Does anyone have the zip code 12345?” What’s the deal? First, the song Jenny (867-5309) was sung by the band Tommy Tutone in 1982. there are many different “rumors” about who Jenny was. Some people claim Jenny was the ex-girlfriend of one of the band members. Others claim the band saw the number at a gas station. the phone number is a working number and people who have had it claim to get at least five crank calls a day. The truth is songwriter Alex Call says he just wanted to write a 4-chord rock song, was “sitting under a plum-tree” and came up with the name and number. Jose Cuervo traveled to a small village in 1758 Mexico. The people of this town had been using the agave plant to make a beverage known as mexcal. Cuervo refined this liquor and people began calling the beverage after this town, Tequila. The tequila wasn’t named Jose Cuervo until the start of the 20th Century. Q-tips, brought to the market in the 1920s by Polish inventor Leo Gerstenzang, were first named “Baby Gays.” In 1926, the word Q-Tips was added to the name and later the words “Baby Gays” was dropped, leaving the now-famous Q-Tips that celebrated its 80th birthday in 2003. The Q stands for “quality” of course. Finally, believe it or not, the zip code 12345 is actually home to Schenectady, New York.


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